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Dino Buddy Apron

… for the Apron contest on June 23, 2010 at I recieved 4th place with this. I thought surely I would get first with this one. I even stayed up from 1am to 5am drawing and finalising the design. But allas, I recieved 4th place. Not bad but not what I was hoping for. I recieved 500-ish votes durring this contest.


About fuzzyskyfabric

Hi there, my name is Mayra and I am a self proclaimed fabric designer. I have dabbled in many different art mediums for years and years but nothing has caught my attention like the prospect of fabric design. I recently started drawing for fabric and entering in a contests on . While I didn’t win first place so far, I definitly think that I have potential in this field. I do plan on continuing with the contests, I really want to win first place pretty bad since I have come so close so mant times. But I need an account that is seperate from my other accounts that can be fully dedicated to textile designs and similar prisutes. My ultimate goal is to get all the bits and pieces together for a few fabric design sets and submit them to Moda. I would like to be a Moda designer by the end of next year, December 2011.

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